HEPA Filter Electrolux

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Product description

The genuine washable Allergy plus filter is created to fit most Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Electrolux has specifically designed this high quality filter to maintain the best level of filtration of your vacuum cleaner.An Allergy Plus filter captures even the very finest particles e.g. pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and allergens. The Allergy Plus filter leaves the vacuum cleaner reducing the risk of allergic reactions. s-filter® has been awarded the ECARF Quality Seal for its excellent filtration performance. ECARF stands for the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. For more information please go to www.ecarf.org.Maintaining a dust-free environment will enable everyone in your family to breathe easier and feel better. The high grade of material, used for our genuine bags and filters, provides your vacuum cleaner with strong airflow and high suction power as well as a high filtration level and maximum dust retention.To ensure the performance of your cleaner, we recommend you to wash this filter each time it gets visibly soiled. Wash it with a brush under a tap and let the filter dry before putting it back. For optimum performance of your vacuum cleaner, your dustbag should be changed regularly and your filters should be changed every 5 dustbags. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled. Use of non original Electrolux dustbags and filters may adversely affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner.


Product specifications
Suitable for Electrolux
Colour Blue
Original part number Washable Allergy Filter


Logistic dimensions
Packed per Width Height Length Weight
1 167 mm 45 mm 200 mm 131 g
10 192 mm 220 mm 340 mm 1463 g


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