Published: 4/12/2017

How to assist your customer in choosing the right dash cam?

These days a dash cam is more than just a luxury gadget for capturing beautiful road trips. It can also provide evidence for insurance claims and it can be used to identify traffic offenders.  With these possibilities dash cams are becoming more and more popular. It is about time to add dash cams to your assortment!

Essential dash cam specs and features

It is hard to say which dash cam is the best buy because it depends on what specifications you need. All dash cams have their pros and cons. We made a list of the most important considerations to make so you can advise your customers with the best information. The number of *** shows how important the specs and features are.

Video Resolution (***)

The footage must be sharp enough to see all recorded license plates, cars and faces in detail. It is useful to tell your customers to buy a dash cam with full HD video resolution. This way the recordings will definitely be sharp enough.

Storage Capacity (***)

The higher the dash cam’s resolution, the more storage capacity is needed. Most of the time it is possible to use a microSD card to upgrade the storage capacity. We recommend a minimum storage of 64 GB.

Night Vision (***)

You never know when an accident might occur. When it happens at night, night vision can be very useful because city lights and street lights are not always sufficient for clear recordings.

Automatic On/Off (**)

The automatically turning on of a dash cam can be a very useful feature. The dash cam will turn on when the driver starts his or her car engine and turn off when the car engine shuts off. If your customers ask you why they would need an automatic on/off feature on their dash cam you can tell them that a dash cam only records when it’s switched on. So if you forget to turn it on and you happen to be in an accident the dash cam will not record. With the automatic on/off feature they never have to worry about forgetting to turn their dash cam on. This is a must-have feature!

Camera Size (**)

Everything that is in front of the driver’s sight can be obstructive so you should avoid large dash cams. The rule here is ‘smaller is safer’.

Loop Recording (**)

The storage of a dash cam is limited and that is a good reason why some dash cams have a loop recording feature. Loop recording means that the camera continuously records in an indefinite loop, constantly overwriting the oldest video file with the newest video file.

Non-essential dash cam specs and features


Cameras with this feature record the drivers GPS position along with the video, which can be played back split-screen with a map using special software supplied. This can be very useful to know your exact driving speed and location. It can serve as proof if you have had an accident.

Meet our new dash cams

We hope that we gave you some useful information that you can use to help your customers choose the right dash cam. Now it is time to meet our dash cams!




Best Budget:

This is our ‘best budget’ dash cam for everyone who is looking for an entry level model. It is equipped with motion detection that makes sure the dashboard camera will start recording when movement is detected. The camera has a sensor (1/7”) which will determine how much light is used to create an image and a relative small viewing angle (+/- 40°). The SVL-CARCAM11 saves recordings in maximum HD (720p).

The Better Solution:

Meet one of our König dash cams. This dashboard camera is equipped with more specs and features than the Valueline dash cam above. The SAS-CARCAM11 has a big sensor (1/4”) with Full HD recordings which can receive more information than a smaller one, produces better images and has a wide viewing angle (120°). This camera is equipped with an integrated G sensor that makes sure recordings are being made when having a traffic accident. The camera can also be used to watch the video recordings directly on your television! .

Top Class Dash Cam:

With this König Full HD dash cam it is easy to record stunningly sharp video images day and night. This is our top class dash cam with the biggest sensor providing you with Full HD recordings, even by night. It is also equipped with a G sensor and mini HDMI output. An extra feature of this camera is the possibility to create a time lapse. This is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (aka the frame rate) is much lower than the frequency that will be used to play the sequence back. When you replay this sequence at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and lapsing.


Which dash cam are you going to advise your customers?

You can’t go wrong with any of the dash cams mentioned above. All the dash cams get the job done and at the end of the day the sharp and good capture of an incident is all you really need!

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