Published: 14/03/2018

Do’s & Don'ts in selling action cams

More and more people are using action cameras to capture exciting moments. Even if they’re not diehard adventurers or extreme sport lovers, it is still a cool gadget to have. Most of your customers probably think GoPro is the one and only action cam on the market, ‘But there are other great options on the market.  Nowadays customers can choose from hundreds of models and brands. In this article we give you more information about the difference in action cameras, the NEDIS assortment and accessories.

The reasons why your customer wants to buy an action camera

Which action camera your customer needs is depending on why they want to buy an action camera in the first place. You need to figure out what a customer wants to do with the action cam Is it just an extra gadget to capture some shots while they’re on holiday? Or is your customer performing a sport like surfing or snowboarding and wants to capture his skills in High Definition? When you know what your customer needs, you can help them  make the right purchase.

The features of action cams

Before you can provide the best advice and information to your customer, it is necessary to know which features are making an action cam worth to buy. For example:

  • Video quality
    Video quality is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a specific action cam. Important to know is that 4K resolution is the highest video resolution available. Besides 4K resolution it is best to go for 1080p or 720p. The right resolution depends on what the camara will be used for and/or which device will be used to view the footage. If your customer doesn’t own a 4K TV or computer monitor, getting an action camera with 4K is pointless.
  • Size, Shape and Weight
    Most of the action cams are small and box-shaped which makes it easy to mount onto your chest or helmet. Of course your customer wants to have the lightest and most compact model for maximum portability.
  • Durability
    When your customer is planning to use a camera in rain, snow or underwater, it is necessary to provide them certain models which are waterproof or weatherproof. Some action cameras have a waterproof case and others have a water-resistant exterior.
  • Field of View
    Field of view (FOV) stands for the area that your camera can capture at any given moment. Most of the action cameras have a wide-angle field of view so you’re sure you don’t miss any action.

Some extra features

  • Battery life: Most people choose devices with the longest battery life.
  • Connectivity/Wi-Fi: With extra connectivity options it is easy to upload or transfer video footage and images to the web.
  • Memory: The best advice here is that your customer needs the fastest memory card that is available to get the best performance out of their action camera.

Three different action cams to add to your assortment

If your customers are looking for great action cams at a reasonable price, we recommend the following items:

Best resolution 

The lightest 

Panoramic recordings

Best resolution 

Action camera with the best video resolution:

4K Ultra HD support for superior and professional video quality!

The lightest 

The lightest and most compact model:

This HD action cam is small and light weight which makes it ideal for sports & leisure.

Panoramic recordings

Panoramic recordings with a single camera:

With this camera you can capture the entire picture and create your own panoramic footage

Action cam accessories

In order to get steady action camera footage, your customer needs accessories that fit and work properly with the camera.

Selfie sticks
By using a selfie stick you are able to take beautiful pictures of yourself incl. family, friends and your surrounding without having to let go of your device.

Chest mounts or helmet mounts
These mounts are perfect for hands-free recording, even during practising extreme sports like surfing or snowboarding.

We hope we gave you some useful information about action cameras. Good luck with advising your customer in buying the right action camera. If you still have questions about NEDIS products? Feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to help you.

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