Published: 28/12/2017

Make use of your customer’s healthy new year’s resolutions to increase your sales

A lot of your customers will start the first of the new year with their new year’s resolutions. With the holidays gone, the Christmas leftovers eaten, the last drop of champagne poured and a fresh new year in prospect January is the perfect month to begin working toward a healthier lifestyle. 

But let’s be honest, it’s also winter. It’s still cold outside, the days seem to be shorter than ever and there might be some secret stock of Christmas chocolate left in your customer’s kitchen cupboard.. So let’s offer them a helping hand by providing them the right products that make getting (and staying) on a healthy path a piece of cake. Of course, also very important, this will help you increase your sales as well!

Trendy products for healthy new year’s resolutions





Projection Clock with Weather Forecast

This projection clock with weather forecasts will help your customers wake up early in order to start their work-out in time before heading off to work. Are they going for a fresh run outside? This clock displays the latest weather conditions, projects the time on the wall and is equipped with an alarm with snooze option.


Portable Bluetooth Headset Adapter

On a cold and dark morning it might be hard to motivate yourself to go out for an active morning run. A great solution for extra motivation is pairing the morning jog with our wireless Sweex portable Bluetooth headphones that give your customers the opportunity to enjoy music each step of the way. Can easily be attached to any sport outfit!


Slow Juicer 180 W
55 RPM

The Azura slowjuicer is the perfect gadget to start the day healthy. It crushes the ingredients in a way that retains all natural enzymes, fibres & vitamins. It can be used with all kinds of fruits, vegetables and grasses which gives the opportunity to make endless variations, from deliciously plain juices to sophisticated detox drinks.





Hand Blender

With the König hand blender your customer can quickly prepare a nutritious vegetable soup. This is not only low in calories and high in vitamins, but also a great lunch during this time of the year when you could definitely use something to warm you up. Besides using the hand blender for soups, it can also be used to prepare fruit juice, sauces and shakes.


Hot Air Fryer

The Azura airfryer can be used to cook a fast, healthy and tasty diner by using little to no fat and oil. The Azura airfryer “fries” your food by using hot air. Whether you want to make fish, chicken, vegetables or even bread, it’s all possible with this very handy cooking aid.


Personal BMI Scales

With the König personal scale your customer can check whether their healthy lifestyle is paying off. The scale measures weight, body fat, muscle and bone mass while taking into account age, height and lifestyle. Is the rest of the family also working on a healthier lifestyle? This scale can store up to ten different user profiles.

A successful 2018 for both you and your customer

We hope that you have been inspired by the proposed products that we think you can use to provide your customers with the products they may need while maintaining their healthy new year’s resolutions. Feel free to browse our webshop for more products that can assist in living a healthy life. We’re sure there are more to find! Good luck in helping your customers make 2018 a great year which will also help you towards a successful and prosperous 2018. And don’t forget your own new year’s resolutions!

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