Published: 18/09/2017

Trends 2018: Smart living is the future

Making homes smart is a growing trend that is getting bigger and bigger each day. The times that forgetting whether you’ve turned off the kettle or closed the garage door made you worrying the entire day are gone. Smart living gives you the opportunity to control your home without the need to be physically present.

The benefits of smart living

This new trend is not just about controlling the lighting or playing music at home while using a controller. It goes way beyond that! The benefits of the smart living lie in the intelligent interaction between components rather than in the ability to control individual hardware. Smart living technology serves a whole range of needs, from a low-cost way to secure and protect a home to the automation of simple tasks, such as turning on and off lights. In this article we want to give you an insight of our smart home products and their innovative functionalities.

Smart security

One of the main reasons people purchase smart home security technology is to ensure their environment and protect their belongings from theft. In our smart security assortment you’ll find all kinds of devices that can help both you and your customer to keep your environment safe. From smoke detectors and window sensors to wireless IP cameras and complete smart home sets. With the our König smart home security product range we offer you a complete security solution.

Through a wide number of different devices our own brand König provides a smart concept with the focus on security. The König smart home security product range is an affordable and multifunctional solution.

  • Scare off intruders and prevent burglaries with our motion detectors and outdoor observation sets
  • Keep an eye on your property, pets and loved ones at any time with our IP cameras and motion detectors
  • Prevent dangerous situations and unnecessary expenses due to possible water leaks or smoke overload with our smart detectors

Smart home

Smart security is one of the elements of smart living, but there is more! Smart living is not just about securing your valuables, but also about making your life easier. In our smart home assortment you’ll find all sorts of products that can help you and/or your customers make your life easier.

  • Save on your energy bill by turning the heat on or down from anywhere with your smartphone of tablet with a smart programmable thermostat
  • Use your smartphone to turn the lighting on or off at any time

Smart health & care

The smart health & care industry is growing and growing. Expected is that this industry will continue its growth through 2020. Nowadays we see a lot of wearable technology that helps people control health conditions that otherwise would be more difficult to manage.

  • Use an activity tracker to help burn calories and monitor steps and sleep
  • Never forget your medicine again by using a smart pill box that tells you when it’s time for your medicine

Focus on smart living

This is the time to invest in a smart assortment! The demand for smart products is already substantial and we expect this to expand only further in the future. We work hard every day to enlarge our assortment of smart home products to help you meet this demand and to make sure your customers can create their own way of smart living.

Are you looking for a smart living product that is not part of our assortment yet? We can help you source this product.


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