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Photo Studio Backdrop | 1.90 x 2.95 m | White

  • Article code: BDRP32WT
  • Vendor Part Number: BDRP32WT
  • EAN number: 5412810306114


This backdrop is easy to attach to your background set. It is made of high quality cotton.


VHS Head Cleaning Tape | 20 ml

  • Article code: CLTP100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: CLTP100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810307043


This Nedis® VHS head cleaning tape ensures your video recorder is working optimally and lasts longer. It is essential to keep your VHS heads clean in order to enjoy clear pictures and sound. The 20 ml bottle of high-quality cleaning fluid offers a safe and effective way to continue to enjoy your movies.


Tripod | Pan & Tilt | Max 3.5 kg | 161 cm | Black / Silver

  • Article code: TPOD2300BZ
  • Vendor Part Number: TPOD2300BZ
  • EAN number: 5412810292417

• Quick release plate (CL-QR21)
• Bubble level
• Geared braced centre column
• Centre brace tension
• Sand bag hook on centre column


Action Cam | Ultra HD 4K | Wifi | Waterproof Case

  • Article code: ACAM40BK
  • Vendor Part Number: ACAM40BK
  • EAN number: 5412810268757

Capture the moment and relive the action over and over again in 4K Ultra HD image quality. This feature-packed action cam has Wi-Fi, enabling you to share the thrill with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


Action Camera Mount | Bicycle Handle Bar

  • Article code: ACMK03
  • Vendor Part Number: ACMK03
  • EAN number: 5412810294084

Record all the excitement with this action cam mounting kit that is ideal for capturing your stunts, tricks and activity perfectly.
Recordings can be made by securely mounting your action cam on the handlebars of your bike to film the thrill of the ride from your point of view.
This kit is ideal for those who like to never miss a piece of the action.


Action Camera Mount | Head Strap

  • Article code: ACMK04
  • Vendor Part Number: ACMK04
  • EAN number: 5412810294091

Record all the excitement with this action cam head strap mounting kit that is ideal for capturing your stunts, tricks and activity perfectly.
Shoot thrilling footage from a personal perspective as you enjoy hands-free camera control.
This kit is ideal for those who like to never miss a piece of the action.


Tripod | Max 1.5 kg | 16 cm | Black / Orange

  • Article code: ACMT10BK
  • Vendor Part Number: ACMT10BK
  • EAN number: 5412810290239

Use this mini tripod to ensure the best image quality possible. By twisting the middle ring, the angle of the legs can be adjusted. Fold the legs together and use it as a stabiliser. The options are endless because of the removable ball head and included phone holder and action cam mount.


NiMH Battery Charger | AA/AAA

  • Article code: BACH05
  • Vendor Part Number: BACH05
  • EAN number: 5412810284283

Overnight Ni-MH battery charger for AA / AAA batteries that will extend the lifecycle of rechargeable batteries up to 1000 charge cycles.


NiMH Battery Charger | AA/AAA/E-Block

  • Article code: BACH06
  • Vendor Part Number: BACH06
  • EAN number: 5412810284290

This universal battery charger can charge/discharge 1-4 pcs of AA / AAA batteries and 1-2 pcs of 9V batteries (charge function only). It has also a battery tester, you can check the battery condition with a switch.


Internet Photo Frame | 10" Screen | Wi-Fi | Black

  • Article code: PHFR211CBK
  • Vendor Part Number: PHFR211CBK
  • EAN number: 5412810303069

Share life from across the globe in real time by sending photos from your mobile device to this connected digital photo frame. You can also invite your family and friends to send photos to your frame from where ever they are.

Plug & play
1. Plug in the frame
2. Connect the frame to Wi-Fi
3. Connect the mobile device to the frame
and start sharing in a matter of minutes


Mini Tripod | Max 2.5 kg | 30.0 cm | Flexible | Black / Orange

  • Article code: GPOD3210BK
  • Vendor Part Number: GPOD3210BK
  • EAN number: 5412810291274

This 9 sections flexible tripod is adjustable in shape and has a maximum height of 320 mm.
• Rubber leg joint rings for firm grip
• Quick release plate
• Camera angle positioning lock
• Non-skid rubber feet


Laminating Machine | Hot & Cold | A3 Size | 300 mm/min

  • Article code: LAMI110BKA3
  • Vendor Part Number: LAMI110BKA3
  • EAN number: 5412810268696

Slim and compact A3 laminator for homes or small offices to apply a protective layer to ID cards, business cards, menus etc. quickly and efficiently. The machine is suitable for hot and cold lamination and heats up in 4 to 6 minutes. It is equipped with a power-on and ready-to-use indication LED lamp and is suitable for a sheet thickness of 75 to 125 micron.

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