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Reading Aid - Magnifying Ruler

  • Article code: VIT-70410050
  • Vendor Part Number: 70410050
  • EAN number: 8718885910551

The ruler is rounded off in such a way that it can be used as a magnifier. The ruler is 20 cm long and has a handle on the right side (the end of the ruler). The ruler measures both centimeters and inches.


Pill Box

  • Article code: ACP-80
  • Vendor Part Number: ACP-80

•LCD illumination
•5 compartments
•5 adjustable alarm times
•Daily repeated cycle
•Sound alarm + shaker alarm
•Heart beat
•Key lock

Battery operated:

•2x button cell CR2025 (incl.)
•1x AAA battery (excl.)


Big Button Emergency Phone Grey

  • Article code: TX-180
  • Vendor Part Number: TX-180
  • EAN number: 8712412675951

•Emergency call to family/friends
•Optical ringer indication
•4 direct memories
•10 2-touch memories
•Caller-ID, with memory and call-back


Quick Mobile Rail - 40 cm / Small

  • Article code: VIT-70110160
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110160
  • EAN number: 8718885910162

The Quick mobile rail has been designed to provide support when moving naturally, for example when getting in and out of the shower. The Quick Mobile rail has not been designed to carry the whole weight of the body. The grab rail can be attached and removed within a few seconds. Drilling holes or the use of screws is not necessary. The two powerful suction cups are pressed firmly onto a non-porous, sturdy surface, the vacuum handles are pushed down and the Quick Mobile rail is fixed. If the indicator is green, this means the rail has been fixed correctly. If the indicator is half green / half red or completely red, this indicates that the rail has not been attached properly. In this case, the rail should be reattached.


Bathroom Aid

  • Article code: VIT-70110170
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110170
  • EAN number: 8718885910179

The bath & shower seat offers support and safety when taking a bath or shower. The bath & shower seat has adjustable aluminum legs and a plastic seat. The seat has a antislip surface and is provided with holes which allow the drainage of water. Antislip caps prevent the seat from slipping away.


Urinal Man

  • Article code: VIT-70110260
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110260
  • EAN number: 8718885910261

The urinals have a handle and are made of plastic.
The urinal for women is anatomically shaped. Autoclavable.


Bed Aid - Tray

  • Article code: VIT-70110430
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110430
  • EAN number: 8718885913422

The bed tray can be used to eat, read and write in bed. On the sides there is space to store books and magazines. The sides also feature handles, so the bed tray is easy to pick up. It has a raised edge to prevent things sliding off.


Dressing Aid - Sock

  • Article code: VIT-70110610
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110610
  • EAN number: 8718885913606

The plastic sock aid is suitable for putting on socks and knee-socks. Place the sock or knee-sock easily over the aid. Put the toes in the hole and pull the sock aid up. At the same time the sock will be pulled over the foot. The aid is only suitable for people who can reach their own calf with their hands.


Shoehorn Extra Long 79 cm Black

  • Article code: VIT-70110710
  • Vendor Part Number: 70110710
  • EAN number: 8718885916379

By using the extended shoehorn you can easily put your shoes on. Because of the length of the shoehorn you don’t have to bend over. When you want to put your shoe on you put the shoehorn between your heel and foot first. Then you can easily put your foot in or out of the shoe.


Furniture Raiser - Small

  • Article code: VIT-70310010
  • Vendor Part Number: 70310010
  • EAN number: 8718885910506

The furniture raiser is specially designed for raising beds for coming out of bed easier. The furniture raiser is placed beneath the legs of the bed and come in a set of four raisers. The furniture raisers are provided with antislip surfaces. The furniture raisers raise the bed by 8,7 in (22 cm) . The furniture raiser small raises the furniture or bed with 7 cm / 2.7 inch. The furniture raiser large raises the furniture or bed with 22 cm . 8.6 inch.


Reading Aid - Magnifier

  • Article code: VIT-70410300
  • Vendor Part Number: 70410300
  • EAN number: 8718885915730

The small magnifier is easy to take with you in a bag or wallet.


Reading Aid - Magnifier

  • Article code: VIT-80410010
  • Vendor Part Number: 80410010
  • EAN number: 8718885915235

The magnifier hangs on a cord around your neck, which means it does not need to be held. It is ideal for reading or handiwork. The magnifier has a light, to improve visibility. Excluding battery.

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