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Cooker Hood Grease Filter | 114 x 47 cm | 100 g/m²

  • Article code: CHFI111MI
  • Vendor Part Number: CHFI111MI
  • EAN number: 5412810301843

This Nedis® grease filter absorbs and prevents dirt build up in your kitchen. The filter is flame retardant and completely safe to use.


Refrigerator & Freezer Thermometer | Analog | -50 °C to 30 °C

  • Article code: FFTH110WH
  • Vendor Part Number: FFTH110WH
  • EAN number: 5412810301904

To measure the temperature in cooling appliances. It is the temperature of the food that is important in preventing the growth of food poisoning bacteria.


Cooker Hood Grease and Carbon Filter | 57 cm x 47 cm | 2 Pieces

  • Article code: CHFI110UNI
  • Vendor Part Number: CHFI110UNI
  • EAN number: 5412810301775

This filter absorbs grease vapours and removes nasty odours.


Cooker Hood Carbon Filter | 57 cm x 47 cm

  • Article code: CHFI112CA
  • Vendor Part Number: CHFI112CA
  • EAN number: 5412810301799

This filter absorbs kitchen odours effectively when the air is recirculated.


Washing Machine Drip Tray | 70 x 70 x 10 cm | White

  • Article code: WADT110AT70
  • Vendor Part Number: WADT110AT70
  • EAN number: 5412810301720

This drip tray fits under your washing machine and prevents floor damage. It protects the floor from scuffs, spills and overflows including laundry detergents and bleach.


Shock Absorbers | Washing Machine | White | 4 pcs |

  • Article code: WASA110WT4B
  • Vendor Part Number: WASA110WT4B
  • EAN number: 5412810302918

Shock absorbers for washing machines


Washing Machine / Dryer Stacking Kit | 60.7 cm

  • Article code: WASK120WT
  • Vendor Part Number: WASK120WT
  • EAN number: 5412810301669

Kit with shelf to stack dryers on top of washing machines to create extra floor space. Suitable for standard washing machines and tumble dryers (max 50 KG) with a width of 60 cm. The shelf can be used to put laundry on.


Cooker Hood Carbon Filter | 21 cm Diameter

  • Article code: CHFI111CA21
  • Vendor Part Number: CHFI111CA21
  • EAN number: 5412810301829

This active antibacterial carbon filter radically stops bacteria forming on the charcoal and spreading in the air. The environment is healthier and the risk of allergies is strongly reduced. It is recommended to change the filter every 3 months.

Universal usage.


Air Outlet Hose PVC | 127 mm | 6.00 m

  • Article code: DRHO127WT60
  • Vendor Part Number: DRHO127WT60
  • EAN number: 5412810301553

PVC air vent hose, suitable for tumble dryers and air ventilation systems in toilets, bathrooms and living rooms.


Outlet Hose Reducer | 125 mm - 100 mm

  • Article code: DRRE125WT100
  • Vendor Part Number: DRRE125WT100
  • EAN number: 5412810301393

Reducer to connect a 125 mm air venting hose with a 100 mm hose.


Iron Sole Cover | Teflon | 230 x 100 mm

  • Article code: IRCO110
  • Vendor Part Number: IRCO110
  • EAN number: 5412810286843

This soleplate glides easily over the most delicate laundry and makes your iron look brand new! Suitable for almost every iron.


Steam Iron | 1200 W | Steam Shot | Stainless Steel Sole | Blue

  • Article code: IRON112TQ
  • Vendor Part Number: IRON112TQ
  • EAN number: 5412810286812

Keep all your clothes flawless and crease-free with this 1200-W steam iron, which is lightweight and easy to handle. An adjustable steam control and various temperature settings guarantee perfectly smooth results for any type of garment. In addition, the iron is equipped with a vertical steam shot which is perfect for removing creases from clothing without taking them off the hanger.

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