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Product description

Professional 3D printing made accessible
•Build volume of 215 x 215 x 200 mm
•Layer resolution up to 20 micron for 0.4 mm nozzle
•Print temperature up to 280 °C
•Dual extrusion with a soluble support material
•Swappable print cores
•Heated build plate with active leveling

•An unlimited number of geometry options thanks to its new dual extrusion system that allows the freedom to produce more complex outputs in a full range of engineering materials, including Nylon and dissolvable PVA, and two color. The impact: design is not constrained, opening up opportunities for experimentation, creativity and innovation.
•High uptime and maximum performance due to material-matching print core design, enabling users to switch cores optimized for Ultimaker’s own industry-grade materials in seconds. The impact: repeatable, high-quality output is achieved in a low-maintenance environment.
•Enhanced printer automation that eliminates the guesswork from printing prep. Smart material detection through NFC technology, as well as active bed leveling, tunes Ultimaker 3 to the best possible settings for specific materials and corrects level errors. The impact: anyone, regardless of their role within the business or skillset, can produce a consistently perfect model every time.
•Advanced connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, in addition to USB and Ethernet connections, results in seamless access across the organization. A built-in camera, connected to open source software CURA allows for remote monitoring of print output. The impact: organizations achieve efficient workflow and access across users.

Dual extrusion
Combine build and water-soluble support materials to create complex mechanical parts and intricate surfaces or choose to print with two colors. Ultimaker 3’s unique auto nozzle-lifting system ensures a smooth, professional finish with every print.

Swappable print cores
Faster print core changes mean higher uptime and easier maintenance. Your Ultimaker 3 comes with print cores for build (AA) and support (BB) materials. There’s a customized nozzle geometry per material – ensuring lower clogging risks and a more reliable 3D printing experience.

New optimized cooling
Ultimaker 3 has a powerful, low-noise fan system. Featuring two new radial fans and fan shrouds, it creates greater pressure build-up for an improved airflow. This ensures better cooling, high quality bridging, faster print runs and smooth print surfaces.

LED status indicators
Print core LED lights ensure an optimized 3D printing experience by alerting if any user interaction is needed.

Complex designs with reliable dual extrusion
Create sophisticated models and intricate geometries like this Gyro by Virtox – and remove supports by resting the print in water, without leaving a trace. It’s the most reliable dual extrusion printer on the market.

Water soluble support structures help you build intricate structures, complex mechanical parts and smooth surfaces.

Choose the perfect material
Ultimaker 3’s range of materials are formulated to achieve superior results. Optimized Cura profiles offer the best print settings per material and recognize which print core and material you’re using. The open filament system lets you experiment with all kinds of materials to empower your business.

High uptime, low maintenance
Together with optimized Cura profiles, advanced material recognition system, and material-matching swappable print cores, Ultimaker 3 is engineered for high uptime and reliable, industrial-grade results. And its full potential is yet to be unleashed.

To reduce time to market, we set up a print farm of around 20 Ultimaker 3 machines to 3D print the improved reel holders with a new, improved design. Used as an additive manufacturing system, the first Ultimaker 3 printers proved to be production-ready, reliable, and able to deliver results.

Free extras
•A USB stick, glue stick, grease, hex wrenches and USB and Ethernet cables
•Two swappable 0.4 AA print cores
•A swappable 0.4 BB print core
•A 350 g spool of Ultimaker PLA
•A 350 g spool of Ultimaker PVA
•A spool holder with an NFC cable
•A calibration card and XY calibration sheet
•Cura, our award-winning print preparation software
•Powerful Ultimaker app
•Comprehensive 12-month warranty
•Lifetime expert support

Package contents

• Ultimaker 3
• 2x Print Core AA 0,4 mm
• 1x Print Core BB 0,4 mm
• Coil holder with NFC cable
• 1x coil PLA (350 grams)
• 1x coil PVA (350 grams)
• Ethernet cable
• USB stick
• Toolkit (glue stick, keys, materials guide, calibration card, etc.)


Product specifications
Type 3
Colour White/Transparent
Material Metal / Glass
Weight 10.6 kg
Connection input 1x RJ45
1x USB
Power plug Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7)
Interface USB
Changeable nozzles Yes
Extruder type Dual
Filament type PLA
Max. printed layer thickness 0.02 mm
Max. printing depth (Z) 215 mm
Max. printing height (Y) 200 mm
Max. printing width (X) 215 mm
Min. printed layer thickness 0.2 mm
Operating system Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Printer brand Ultimaker
Printer type 3D
Thickness 2.85 mm


Retail package dimensions (Box)
Width Height Length
390 mm 390 mm 400 mm


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