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Vacuum Cleaner Bag | Suitable for Philips, Electrolux

  • Article code: DUBG220AEP4
  • Vendor Part Number: DUBG220AEP4
  • EAN number: 5412810285549


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Product description

Replacement for: Philips standard bag, Electrolux

Package contents:
• 4x dustbag
• 1x motor filter

Package contents

4x vacuum cleaner bag
Motor filter

General information

AirMax: AAM 6100...6150, 6160C, 6216
AirMax: AAM 6320 CD, 6324, 7124 POW
Clario: AEC 7570...7572/PAR
Clario2: AEP 3315, 3525
Maximus: AMX 7010...7035
Qxy3system: AOS 9310, 9330, 9352
Qxygen+: AO 7320, 7335, 7350
QS Elegance: AVQ 2220...2250
System Pro: P 1...999
UltraOne: AEL 8800...8899
Ultra Silencer: AUS 3930, 3965P
Ultra Silencer: AUS 4030...4045, AUSÖ 3000
Ultra Silencer: Green: AUSG 3900

Airmax: ZAM6100...6116 ZAM6210...6271
Bolido: Z4500...4595
Clario: Z1900...2095, Z7510...7549
Clario2: ZP 3510, 3511, 3515, 3520S, 3523, 3525
Ergospace: 2253 XXL, 2254 XXL, 2271 XXL, 2272
Ergospace: XXL 10...300, XXL TT 11, 14
Ergospace: ZE 310...355, 2200...2299
Ergospace: ZEG 300, 320
Excellio: Z5000...5295
Maximus: ZXM 7010...7035
Mondo plus: Z 6200, 6201
Oxy3system: ZO6300...6399
Oxygen: Z5500...5695, 5900...5995
Oxygen+: Z 7320...7399
Smartvac: Z5000...5695
Superpro: Z 6160
UltraOne: Z 8800..8899
Ultra silencer: GREEN: ZUSG 3000, 3900
Ultra silencer: Z 3300...3395, ZUS 3326...3396
Ultra silencer: ZUS 3385P, 3386P
Ultra silencer: ZUS 3920, 3925, 3930, 3940P
Ultra silencer: Z 3960, 3970P, 3980P, 3990

City Line: Barcelona, Chicago, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Paris, Rio, Roma, Tokio, Venise
City Line: FC 8400...8499, HR 8368...8399
Expression: FC 8600...8650, HR 8300...8349
Fuchsia, Impact: Excel Wild Lime, Impact/Plus
Impact: FC 8380...8399, HR 8350...8367
Jewel: FC 9050...9079
Mobilo: HR 6999, 8500...8599
Performer: FC 9150...9179
Specialist: Animal, Carpet, Control, Hygiene


Product specifications
Material Synthetic
Number of dust bags 4
Compatible with vacuum cleaner A.E.G. Flexi P 3
A.E.G. SystemPro P 1
A.E.G. SystemPro P 3
A.E.G. SystemPro P 5...999
A.E.G. UltraSilencer ÖKO USGREEN
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USALLFLOOR
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USANIMAL
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USDELUXE
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USENERGY
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USORIGINDB
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USORIGINPR
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USORIGINWR
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USPARKETTO
A.E.G. UltraSilencer USREMOTE
A.E.G. VivaControl AVC 1110...1190
A.E.G. VivaControl AVC 1220
A.E.G. VivaControl AVC 1221...1230
A.E.G. VivaQuickstop AVQ 2100...2190
Electrolux AirMax ZAM 6100...6199
Electrolux AirMax ZAM 6210...6290
Electrolux AirMax ZAM 6220
Electrolux AirMax ZAM 6230
Electrolux Airmax ZAM 6210
Electrolux Airmax ZAM 6240
Electrolux Airmax ZAM 6250
Electrolux Bolido Z 4500...4595
Electrolux Clario Z 1900...2095
Electrolux ErgoBox XXL TT 11
Electrolux ErgoBox XXL TT 12
Electrolux ErgoBox XXL TT 14
Electrolux ErgoSpace Green ZEG 301
Electrolux ErgoSpace Green ZEG300
Electrolux ErgoSpace XXL 10...300
Electrolux ErgoSpace XXL 2253
Electrolux ErgoSpace XXL 2254
Electrolux ErgoSpace XXL 2271
Electrolux ErgoSpace XXL 2272
Electrolux ErgoSpace ZE 2200...2299
Electrolux ErgoSpace ZE 305...361
Electrolux Essensio ZEO 5400...5499
Electrolux Essensio ZEO 5420
Electrolux Excellio Z 5000...5295
Electrolux JetMaxx EL 4040A
Electrolux Maximus EL 4200A
Electrolux Maximus XXM 000...999
Electrolux Maximus ZXM 7010...7035
Electrolux Original E 15
Electrolux Original E 18
Electrolux Original E 200
Electrolux Original E 201
Electrolux Original E 202
Electrolux Original E 203
Electrolux Original E 205
Electrolux Original E 206
Electrolux Original E 210
Electrolux Original E 40
Electrolux Original E 53
Electrolux Original E 54S
Electrolux Oxy3System EL 7020
Electrolux Oxy3System EL 7024
Electrolux Oxy3System ZO 6300...6399
Electrolux Oxygen EL 7062A
Electrolux Oxygen Z 5500...5695
Electrolux Oxygen Z 5900...5995
Electrolux UltraSilencer 4065OR
Electrolux UltraSilencer EL 7060A DeepClean
Electrolux UltraSilencer EL 7061A/B DeepClean
Electrolux UltraSilencer EL 7063A DeepClean
Electrolux UltraSilencer EL 7066A DeepClean
Electrolux UltraSilencer USALLFLOOR
Electrolux UltraSilencer USANIMAL
Electrolux UltraSilencer USDELUXE
Electrolux UltraSilencer USENERGY
Electrolux UltraSilencer USGREEN
Electrolux UltraSilencer USORIGINDB
Electrolux UltraSilencer USORIGINPR
Electrolux UltraSilencer USORIGINWR
Electrolux UltraSilencer USPARKETTO
Electrolux UltraSilencer USREMOTE
Electrolux UltraSilencer Z 3300...3395
Electrolux UltraSilencer Z 3920...3990
Electrolux UltraSilencer ZUS 3326...3396
Electrolux UltraSilencer ZUS 4061
Electrolux UltraSilencer ZUS 4065
Electrolux UltraSilencer ZUS 4065/PET
Electrolux UltraSilencer ZUS 4065AF
Electrolux VivaControl ZV 1010...1050
Electrolux VivaQuickStop ZVQ 2100...2135
Philips FC 8374
Philips Barcelona
Philips Berlin
Philips Carpet
Philips Chicago
Philips CityLine HR 8368...8378
Philips Control
Philips Expression HR 8300...8349
Philips Fuchsia
Philips Fresh 8025
Philips Geneva
Philips HomeHero, HardFloor FC 8910...8919
Philips Hygiene
Philips Impact FC 8380...8399
Philips Impact HR 8350...8367
Philips Melbourne
Philips Mellow Yellow
Philips Miami
Philips Milano
Philips Mobilo HR 8500...8599
Philips Mobilo HR 8514
Philips Mobilo Plus
Philips Multi
Philips New York
Philips Original FC 8021 Classic
Philips Original FC 8022 Clinic
Philips Original FC 8023 AntiOdour
Philips Paris
Philips Performer FC 9150
Philips Performer FC 9150...9179
Philips Performer FC 9170
Philips Performer FC 9174
Philips Performer FC 9176
Philips Performer FC 9178 EnergyCare, ParquetCare
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8720/09
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8721/09 ECO Allergy+
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8722/09 Allergy+
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8723/09 Allergy+
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8724
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8725/09 Allergy+, Parquet+
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8726/09 Allergy+, Animal+
Philips PerformerExpert FC 8727/09 Allergy+
Philips PerformerPro FC 9180
Philips PerformerPro FC 9181
Philips PerformerPro FC 9182
Philips PerformerPro FC 9183
Philips PerformerPro FC 9184
Philips PerformerPro FC 9185
Philips PerformerPro FC 9186
Philips PerformerPro FC 9187
Philips PerformerPro FC 9188
Philips PerformerPro FC 9189
Philips PerformerPro FC 9190
Philips PerformerPro FC 9191
Philips PerformerPro FC 9192
Philips PerformerPro FC 9193
Philips PerformerPro FC 9194 Animal+
Philips PerformerPro FC 9195
Philips PerformerPro FC 9196
Philips PerformerPro FC 9197 ECO
Philips PerformerPro FC 9198
Philips PerformerPro FC 9199
Philips PowerLife FC 8320
Philips PowerLife FC 8321
Philips PowerLife FC 8322
Philips PowerLife FC 8323
Philips PowerLife FC 8324
Philips PowerLife FC 8325
Philips PowerLife FC 8326
Philips PowerLife FC 8440...8459
Philips PowerLife FC 8443
Philips PowerLife FC 8444
Philips PowerLife FC 8450
Philips PowerLife FC 8451
Philips PowerLife FC 8452
Philips PowerLife FC 8454
Philips PowerLife FC 8455
Philips PowerLife FC 8456
Philips PowerLife FC 8457
Philips Reach&Clean
Philips Rio
Philips Roma
Philips Sevilla
Philips SilentStar FC 9310...9319
Philips Singapore
Philips Specialist FC 9100...9149
Philips Sydney HR 6998
Philips Sydney HR 6999
Philips Tokio
Philips Twist&Clean
Philips Universe FC 9000...9049
Philips WildLime
Tornado TO 30...50 SuperPro
Tornado TO 3600
Tornado TO 4600...4699 Essensio
Tornado TO 4620...4641 Zephir
Tornado TO 5400...5499 Essensio
Tornado TO 55
Tornado TO 6200...6271 Spiral
Tornado TO 6300...6399 Calypso
Tornado TO 6600...6630 Elégance
Tornado Zephir TO 4621
Tornado Zephir TO 4641
Volta U 4410...4461 QuickStop
Volta U 4610...4640
Number of motor filters 1


Retail package dimensions (Giftbox with eurolock)
Width Height Length
170 mm 170 mm 55 mm
Logistic dimensions
Packed per Width Height Length Weight
1 170 mm 50 mm 270 mm 198 g
20 430 mm 235 mm 485 mm 4520 g


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