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Vacuum Cleaner Bag | Suitable for Daewoo SB70

  • Article code: DUBG221DAE4
  • Vendor Part Number: DUBG221DAE4
  • EAN number: 5412810285648


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Product description

Replacement for: Daewoo SB70

Package contents:
• 4x dustbag

Package contents

4x vacuum cleaner bag

General information

Suitable for:
BS 1230

RC 220 B/R
RC 300, 320 B, 350, 360
RC 370, 371 B
RC 700.5S
RC 800, 805 D 850
RC 1560
RC 3006 B, 3204, 3306 BR
RC3704 BYA/FDBA, 3705
RC 4005 B, 4006 B, 4008 BA
RC 6005 B
RC 7003
RC 700.4B, 700.4F
RCN 350
RCN 400/B
RCN 500


NVC: 300, 400, 500

EC 8300, 8500


Product specifications
Material Synthetic
Number of dust bags 4
Compatible with vacuum cleaner Daewoo RC 220R
Daewoo RC 220YL
Daewoo RC 230
Daewoo RC 230G
Daewoo RC 230Y
Daewoo RC 300...320B
Daewoo RC 3004
Daewoo RC 3005
Daewoo RC 3006B
Daewoo RC 3006S
Daewoo RC 3106B
Daewoo RC 3106BL
Daewoo RC 3106BR
Daewoo RC 3106GR
Daewoo RC 3106L
Daewoo RC 3203
Daewoo RC 3204
Daewoo RC 3205
Daewoo RC 3306BR
Daewoo RC 3306FR
Daewoo RC 3308MR
Daewoo RC 330FR
Daewoo RC 350
Daewoo RC 360
Daewoo RC 370
Daewoo RC 3704BYA
Daewoo RC 3704FDBA
Daewoo RC 3705
Daewoo RC 3714
Daewoo RC 371B
Daewoo RC 400
Daewoo RC 4005B
Daewoo RC 4006B
Daewoo RC 4008BA
Daewoo RC 410
Daewoo RC 470
Daewoo RC 480
Daewoo RC 500
Daewoo RC 505
Daewoo RC 6005B
Daewoo RC 700.4B
Daewoo RC 700.4F
Daewoo RC 700.5S
Daewoo RC 7003
Daewoo RC 7006B
Daewoo RC 800
Daewoo RC 805B Polleo Quiet
Daewoo RC 805D
Daewoo RC 805H Polleo Quiet
Daewoo RC 850
Daewoo RCG 100C
Daewoo RCG 110R
Daewoo RCL 3816
Daewoo RCL 3816R
Daewoo RCL 381B
Daewoo RCL 381BL
Daewoo RCL 381GB
Daewoo RCL 381R
Daewoo RCN 350
Daewoo RCN 400
Daewoo RCN 400B
Daewoo RCN 500
Daewoo SB 200
Daewoo SB 70
Daewoo SB 80
Far A 2162
Sharp EC 8300
Sharp EC 8500


Retail package dimensions (Giftbox with eurolock)
Width Height Length
170 mm 170 mm 265 mm
Logistic dimensions
Packed per Width Height Length Weight
1 170 mm 50 mm 265 mm 161 g
20 435 mm 240 mm 485 mm 4040 g


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Quality documents

Via the link you can see the Technical Construction File. It contains all quality documents, if available. For example: the CE Declaration of Conformity (DoC), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and quality certificates.

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