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Do you expect to sell one particular product in large quantities and make a big winner out of it? By ordering a large amount of this product at a specific moment you can capture the full potential, maximize profit and make sure you meet your customer’s needs.

Why work with NEDIS?

Work together with NEDIS and benefit of this huge sales opportunity. We’ll take care of the entire process from sourcing, creating the packaging and design of the product to the actual shipment of the products!

‘’Work together with NEDIS to create great sales opportunities!‘’


Design & Packaging

The possibilities in product and packaging design at NEDIS are endless. Our experienced design team will make sure you meet your customer needs and will offer you full support in this process. The packaging of our house brands is designed to help your customer choose the right product for themselves thanks to a clear design. We can also support in in-store display material for the best possible product presentation.


NEDIS has been active in Asia for over 30 years. Our long lasting relationship with various A class suppliers enables us to be a reliable partner and to bring you the latest relevant products. With over 50.000 customers we buy larger volumes; higher quantities mean competitive prices for us and interesting margins for you!


Our quality team carries out intensive pre-shipment inspections based upon risk assessments and statistical methods (ASL Level ll). Any quality issues will lead to product improvements. These preventative measures enable us to ensure you consistent quality.


We offer flexible logistics solutions to meet your demands and wishes. From delivery stock in Europe to delivery FOB directly from China; Larger quantities can be delivered directly from Asia to your warehouse. Our office in China facilitates all shipments, this way we make sure all products are shipped on time- and quality standards are met, taking away risk and effort from our customers. As you don’t need full containers with one product from one supplier we offer mixed containers; you mix a number of various articles from various suppliers in one container and you just pay transportation costs once.


  • Maximize profit
  • High quality products
  • A-class suppliers
  • Product & Packaging design
  • Flexible logistic solutions

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