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  • How do I create an account?

    If you’d like to partner with NEDIS and benefit from our 17,000 high-margin products, please register via our easy-to-use registration form  on the web shop

  • How do I edit my account information?

    If you wish to change your account details, please submit a service request on the Service page in your account.

  • I can’t log in!

    If you’re unable to log in, please contact your local NEDIS sales department, and we’ll be happy to help!

  • How can I retrieve my password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password, please go to the forgot password page and enter your username to receive your password via e-mail.

  • How can I retrieve my username?

    Forgotten your username? No problems! Simply contact the NEDIS front office and we’ll help you recover your username.

  • How can I change the password of "My account"?

    For security reasons it's important to change the password of your account regularly. To keep your account safe we have introduced a new feature on our webshop that makes it possible to change your password using your NEDIS account. If you haven't changed your password recently, we highly recommend you to change your password.

    Please follow the steps on this page to change your NEDIS password.

  • How can I change my account details?

    In your personal account you can easily change your data, such as your e-mail address and telephone number, yourself. Are you are an ‘administrator’ your data can not simply be changed. You need to create a service request in this case. As an ‘administrator’ you are allowed to change your e-mail preferences and cookie settings. And you can create new user accounts with their own username and password to log in to the Nedis web shop. As an ‘administrator’ you can also manage the authorization that you assign to the various users.

  • Create a new delivery address

    Do you have a new delivery address? Then you can easily create these yourself via your account, account settings, addresses. After your request is saved it will be approved by us, this will take one working day. For security reasons it is not possible to delete the invoice address.

  • Create new location for dealer locator

    Do you manage a web shop or a physical store? Then it is also possible to increase the visibility of your web shop or store by managing your locations on the Nedis web shop and brand sites. You can easily add new locations yourself.

  • Subscribe / unsubscribe e-mails

    In your account you can set which e-mails you would like to receive from Nedis. Our ‘service’ e-mails will inform you about our adapted delivery times, security updates and the latest developments on the web shop. If you are registered on the e-mail type ‘deals and inspiration’ you will receive the best deals, latest products and you will be informed of all (local) promotions.



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