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Invoices and details

  • Where can I find a copy of my invoice?

    You can easily find a copy of your invoice on the web shop. If you experience any issues with the availability of an invoice, please send a service request and the NEDIS Finance team will ensure the invoice is send and your invoice settings are checked.

  • When will I receive my invoice?

    Depending on your preferences (invoice per order or combine orders on the invoices) or your administrative process, this can vary.

    Regardless of this setting you also have the opportunity to receive the invoice on a requested frequency (daily/weekly/monthly). If you’d like to change your invoice preferences, create a service request and our Finance team will be more than happy to help you change your settings.

  • Where can I find an overview of my invoices?

    Finding a clear overview of your invoices on our web shop is easy. After logging into the NEDIS web shop:

    1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click on “My Account”
    2. Select “Invoices”

    Now you can see an overview of your invoices organized by due date.




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