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The NEDIS Connect Program

  • What is NEDIS Connect?

    To facilitate the electronic integration of business processes between NEDIS and its partners, the NEDIS Connect Program was initiated. Through this program, NEDIS aims to deliver the best possible solutions to seamlessly integrate your business processes with ours.

  • What are the advantages of NEDIS Connect?

    NEDIS Connect has a number of advantages for your business:

    - Automate your order process
    - Reduce back orders by performing real-time price and stock checks
    - Automate incoming dispatch information including Track and Trace
    - Fuel your webshop / ERP or PoS systems with NEDIS’ article data feeds
    - Use high-quality product photos, videos, 360 photos, manuals, PDFs
    - Eliminate process defects
    - Reduce the Order-to-Cash cycle
  • NEDIS Connect services

    Our NEDIS Connect Program offers a few convenient services. To maximize the benefits of our EDI system for you, we recommend to implement the services as stated below.

    1. Article Data
    Every day we publish product information, price and stock details. This information can be imported into your web shop, ERP system, POS system etc. for sales and comparison functions while improving your processes and decreasing error margins.
    2. Real Time Stock Check
    Prior to automatically sending your orders to NEDIS it is recommended to perform a real-time stock check to confirm that the requested article is available. By doing so, you will drastically reduce your backorders, while, still being able to offer an alternative product to your customer.
    3. Electronic Order
    By using our e-mail order format, you can forward your orders automatically to NEDIS. NEDIS will receive these and process them as always. This saves time on your side while reducing error margins.
    4. Dispatch Information
    When your orders are being shipped, NEDIS communicates an overview of all shipments for your orders into a single file that can be easily imported into your systems. Information includes: Parcel information, quantities shipped and Track & Trace information to track the parcels with the transporter.
  • How can I apply for the NEDIS Connect Program?

    For more information on our innovative NEDIS Connect program, please visit NEDIS Connect. Of course you can also contact our E-commerce team at or contact your NEDIS account manager.


Sales Out Reporting

  • What is Sales Out Reporting?

    Our Sales Out Reporting concept is all about you sharing your Sales Out data with us. By sharing your data we are able to provide you with even better service. After sharing your data we are able give you free advice on when and what to order. This goes for products that you are buying with us right now, but we are also able to hint you on upcoming products that are a perfect fit for your product range.

  • What are the advantages of Sales Out Reporting?

    Next to free ordering advice for products in your assortment, based on your business figures, you can also receive sales opportunity advice on products that match your product range and business area. But that is not the only advantage. Since we know more about you as our partner we are able to inform the consumer as well. Therefore you will get a higher level of display priority in our dealer locator when you use out SOR concept so our customers will find your web shop or the address of your physical location.

  • How can I use Sales Out Reporting?

    You can find more information in your account by going to the Sales Out Reporting link below Nedis Connect. If you’ve got any questions left feel free to contact via or by creating a service request.


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