Product Quality

All our products are equipped with product and safety certificates

Product and safety certificates

  • Where can I find product and safety certificates?

    Underneath the image of a selected product on our web shop, you can find a “see all documents” button. Via this link you can view the Technical Construction File.

    If the Technical construction file is not available for your product, please send a service request by clicking on ‘’My Account’’ and selecting ‘’Service’, and we’ll assist you as quickly as possible.

Defective or damaged item

  • I’ve received a defective/damaged item. What do I do?

    We’re sorry you’ve received a defective/damaged item. Please report this to us by submitting an RMA request . When the request is accepted and the defective or damaged item is returned, we’ll send you a new item as quickly as possible. In the event the product is no longer available, you will receive a credit note.


  • What warranty does NEDIS offer on its own brands?

    Products sold under our own brands come with a warranty period of 24 months. This applies to HQ, König, Valueline, Bandridge, Profigold, Sweex, Camlink, basicXL and Fixapart. The warranty period starts on the day you sell the product to the consumer - if sold within 3 months after you purchased the product from NEDIS.

    In case you purchase our products for professional or equivalent use, the warranty period for the product is 12 months.

    Important note: In any case, your warranty will lapse 27 months after you bought the products from NEDIS, or 15 months in case of professional use.

  • What warranty is offered on non NEDIS brands?

    For non NEDIS brands, the warranty periods of the manufacturers of the specific products will be applicable. These warranty periods are available in the web shop and upon request.

    Note: If it appears that the defect is the result of deterioration, improper or wrong use, not following the instructions for use, or damage to fragile parts or normal wear and tear - the warranty will no longer apply.

  • Within how many days should I submit a warranty claim?

    If you’d like to submit a warranty claim, please send us your claim in writing within 30 days after the defect has been detected.

    To ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible, please use the RMA form.

  • Warranty terms

    For the warranty terms, please refer to Article 10 of the General Conditions.

Product FAQs

  • Where can I go with questions about a product in the webshop?

    On several product pages you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the product under the "Support" tab.

    Does the product page not contain any FAQs, is your question not listed here or do you have any other questions regarding this product? You can also submit a service request on the same page to get an answer to your question.

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