HQ battery range





Alkaline Ultra Power

Our HQ Alkaline batteries are ideal for devices, for example toys, that need more power because they are used on a daily basis. The HQ Alkaline series is recognisable for its red colour. For the highest value for money we now have HQ value packs with 20 or 48 batteries in AA and AAA

Zinc Carbon Standard Power

The best choice for devices that use little power, such as torches, remote controls or clocks. The HQ Zinc Carbon batteries are this concept’s entry level and recognisable for its grey colour.

Ni-MH Rechargeable

These high-quality rechargeable Ni-MH batteries can easily compete with more expensive A-brands. Many manufacturers claim a higher mAh capacity than the battery actually has. With this series you are assured that the mentioned mAh capacity is the real capacity. The Ni-MH series is recognisable for its green colour.

Lithium Button Cell

The Lithium button cell batteries are packed in a HQ retail blister. Each blister contains 5 batteries.


HQ Batteries meter-concept

Retail solution Our retail solutions consist of a 1-metre concept or counter display. They are perfect to offer a complete assortment in batteries.

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