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The HQ lighting range consists of popular retro filament, normal LED and halogen bulbs in different shapes, sizes and lumen output. We offer a complete and up-to-date assortment with the right products, competitive prices and good margins. We can also offer you a custom-made retail solution to get the best results out of the space you have available.


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Retro filament LED range


LED filament lamps look like traditional incandescent lamps but are based on filament LED technology. They have a quick payback period, a long lifespan and an ultra-wide light distribution.

LED range


The LED lamps have instant-on technology and a life span up to 25 times longer when compared to incandescent lamps. Thanks to the latest technology they have an ultra-low energy consumption and the higher wattage bulbs are dimmable.

Halogen range


These lamps provide a natural and vibrant light in a traditional design. All halogen lamps are dimmable.

LED strip range

The HQ LED strips are made with the highest quality materials, offered for a fair price. It is very easy to install and suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Rigid bar range

The rigid LED bar is available in various lengths which can be connected up to 3 metres, providing each indoor area with an attractive light. Available in warm white and cool white.

Light string range

These beautiful decorative LED light strings work on batteries. They are easy to install and offered for a fair price.

Easy light range

Easy lights are an easy to install and affordable lighting solution in places where there is no electricity on hand. They bring comfort and safety in a unique way.

Christmas light range

To create ambiance in the gift season, HQ offers a range of Christmas lights in various lengths and colours for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Outdoor range

The HQ Outdoor Intenso series consists of a range of solid anthracite aluminium lights. The lights have a modern design and create a beautiful bi-directional light effect of warm light.

For our complete assortment of lighting products including König, Valueline, Sylvania, Century, Brennenstuhl, Ranex and more please check the NEDIS Lighting Special 2016-2017.

Retail solutions

We offer complete retail solutions for several lighting assortments including planograms, POS material, displays and packaging concepts. All to offer not only the right lighting products but to help you get the most out of your business.

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