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Power banks

NEDIS offers a full range of quality power banks under different brands including König and Valueline.

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How does it work?

A power bank is an external battery in a sealed case. A power bank generally has one or two USB ports with 1 or 2.1 Ampère output and 1 micro USB port to charge the power bank. Tablets need 2.1 A output because the battery in tablets has a higher capacity. 2.1 A also charges regular phones faster compared to 1 A output. An average smartphone has a built in battery between 2.000 and 3.000 mAh. For tablets the span in capacity is bigger:

tablet model Apple iPad Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 3 Apple iPad 4 Apple iPad Air Apple iPad Air 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Battery (mAh) 6.600 6.930 11.560 11.560 8.820 7.340 7.900

So how many charges does a power bank provide? Simply divide the capacity of the power bank by the capacity of the smartphone or tablet battery capacity. For example an Apple iPhone 6 has a battery capacity of 1.800 mAh. If we have a 7.500 mAh power bank we can charge the iPhone 6 (7.500 mAh divided by 1.800 mAh =) 4 times.*

* Number of full charges may vary subject to device and conditions.

Safety comes first

Safety is a hot topic when it comes to power banks. Without the proper safety measures a power bank can be dangerous. With all power banks from NEDIS you can always count on protection against overcharging, short circuiting & overheating.

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