Important Safety Warning

Despite strict quality tests, which all products of NEDIS undergo before they are introduced into the market, we recently noticed that the CO-detector SAS-CA200  (brand König) does not fully comply to the EU Regulation EN-50291-1 “Detection of Carbon monoxide”.


The SAS-CA200 is designed to detect dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) in due time. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the device does not give a warning in case of sensor malfunction. There is also a risk that the device is not functioning properly when placed in a room with high temperature and high humidity. Because of this, there is risk of CO poisoning (when CO is present in that room).

Although no incidents have occurred, this is not a 100% safe situation. Therefore NEDIS decided to recall this product from their customers (retail) and consumers (end-users).


Customers (retail) with stock:

Please STOP the sales of the product and contact us by mail with the following information:
• Customer Number
• Quantity of this product currently in stock

All products in stock have to be returned to NEDIS via RMA process and will be refunded against the original purchase price.

Customers (retail) without stock:

Please send a confirmation “that you don’t have stock of this product anymore” via e-mail to below address. Please mention also your customer number.

Informing the Consumers:

We ask you (retailer) to inform your customers about this recall via:
publication of this important safety warning in your stores, on your websites, via your advertising brochures.
• direct contact of e—customers (via mail / phone), where possible.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us by mail. For all communication regarding the recall please use:

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