The impressive market potential of Security

Domestic burglary is increasing every year and people in Europe fear crime. With an average of 75% we have the feeling that Europe is getting less safe. Especially the growing group of elderly people is feeling less and less safe. This feeling is strengthened by the different notifications in the media. Everybody wants to live in a safe environment and to protect his or her belongings from theft.

A product concept that fits our vision

König offers a wide range of affordable security solutions. Dividing the wide range in to easy to understand concept solutions for every type of budget, König communicates a clear story. With a well thought combination of packaging features in-store communication materials and easy to install and apply products, König brings security closer to the consumer.

A solution for every type of budget

König Electronic offers a complete assortment of carefully selected, easy to install and apply security & safety products for consumers. With semi-professional observation kits to very affordable IP and dummy cameras König offers a solution for every budget.


Observation for home or business in the most secure way.

Observation for home or business wirelessly on a LCD monitor or via app.

The most affordable security solution that gives the impression of a real security system

IP cameras for wireless security for home or small offices. Footage can be seen on smartphone or tablet..


Alarm Security helps detect intruders through door/window, motion and other sensors.

Manage and control home security and electric appliances from smartphone or tablet.

Increase safety by seeing who is at the door before opening it.

Protection at home for dangerous situations like smoke, heat, gas, carbon monoxide and water.

Observation for home or outdoor situation through hidden cameras that are difficult to notice.

Self-select and easy-to-find retail packaging

The retail packaging fulfils an important role to help the consumer finding the right product. With clear icons and large product images, we enable the consumer to easily find the product he needs.

1.Large brand name and icon

For direct brand recognition

2. Colour coding on concept level

For easy category classification

3. Clear product description in 3 language

For easy understanding the product function

4. Large product picture

Provides high product visibility

5. Clear Icons

To explain product features

6. Additional product information in 25 languages


A unique retail concept and in-store presention

Through various high-quality presentation materials König makes security products come to life. Every part of the range is presented as a separate solution to create a clear overview. With a clear and direct link to the packaging, the consumer is supported in its selection process and sale will be encouraged. With König security you are guaranteed of a optimal product assortment and professional shop appearance.

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