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Everyone wants to live in a safe environment and protect his or her belongings from theft. Taking security measures may seem costly or hard to achieve. König offers a wide range of smart security products, which let the user create an environment where they can feel 100% safe in no time. Through the use of transmitters and receivers the users can create their own preferred smart security system at home. Everything is adjustable, from lights to alarm and from camera to sirens. It is easy to use, and wirelessly controlled through smartphone or tablet. Whether they are at home or away, König helps secure all their valuables.

Pre-installed start sets

König has developed well selected, pre-installed starter set within the smart home security assortment. The starter sets are always supplied with the needed gateway to make sure the user can start right away securing the property he wishes to secure.

Free App

The König Smart Home Security app is the interface for your system. It allows you to watch live footage, and to receive security alerts and push notifications – anytime, anywhere. The smart wall plug can easily be controlled and pre-scheduled in the app as well.



Wide range of accessories

  • 1. Door/window sensor
  • 2. Motion sensor
  • 3. Remote control
  • 4. Smart wall plug
  • 5. Indoor siren
  • 6. Outdoor siren
  • 7. Indoor IP camera
  • 8. Outdoor IP camera
  • 9. Smoke detector
  • 10. Water leak detector

The perfect shop solution

Through various high-quality presentation materials König makes products come to life. With this König offers an excellent shop solution. With König smart security you are guaranteed of an optimal product assortment and professional shop appearance.

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Smart home security system promo video

Easy installation

König has made promotional and installation movies for end-users to make sure the installation can be done correctly and without any problems. To see the movies in your own language please click your country flag on this page.


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