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Nowadays every household has several USB chargers for smartphones, tablets, digital camera’s, power banks and many other USB powered devices. Replacing or providing additional USB chargers is a huge market. NEDIS offers a wide range of brands and products when it comes to USB chargers for your home, car and boat.

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Valueline USB charger

Valueline offers a complete charging solution at an entry price level. Offering a narrow assortment with a wide variety of colours makes Valueline USB chargers perfect as a high runner solution. As a stand-alone concept or in combination with other brands like König.

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König USB Chargers

König offers a total range of 9 high quality USB wall and car chargers. All chargers in this range are suitable for all 1 A and 2.1 A devices. Several products in the range are also suitable for the latest tablet and smartphones devices that need 2.4 A for charging. The products are designed with a distinctive and exclusive angular design. The wall chargers come in black and white. The car chargers are available in black.

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What you should know

In the early days a USB port could provide 500mA (0,5A). With USB 3.0, it moved up to 900mA (0.9A). This was the same for USB chargers. Since a modern smartphone needs at least 1 A (Ampère) and the tablets need 2.1 A to charge the battery 1 A and 2.1 A have become the new standard. However we still see a lot of devices with 0.5 A or 0.9 A in the market. Most consumers are not aware these require much longer charging time or the device won’t charge at all. We recommend to take at least a 1 A but in best case 2.1 A or 2.4 A chargers to ensure all devices charge optimally. Another positive side effect is if a device comes with a 2.1 A or 2.4 A charger, charging goes a lot faster then using a 1 A charger. The latest tablets even need 2.4 A chargers. NEDIS has it all.

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