Your ‘entry level’ security solution

Valueline offers a security solution at entry price level in a retail packaging. With a very tight range focused on the fast movers within the different security segments, Valueline offers a perfect opportunity for price promotions to persuade the doubting consumer get acquainted with security.

A fast mover focused range

Valueline offers a complete assortment of different security solution that proofed their success in the A-brands. All with a focus on maximum value for money.

Self-select retail packaging

The basic self-select retail packaging is designed to stimulate self selection. With high product visibility, clear product descriptions and icons the consumer should be able to understand the functionality of the product. The basic appearance of the packaging represents the value of the brand: value for money.

1.Large brand name and icon

For direct brand recognition

2. Clear product description in 3 language

For easy understanding the product function

3. Large product picture

Provides high product visibility

4. Clear Icons

To explain product features

5. Additional product information in 25 languages

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