Your ‘basic & no-nosense’ Wall Mount solution for the best possible pricing

The Valueline Wall Mount range is completely in line with the Valueline Vision: Keep it simple. With a clear range of 25 SKU’s that are easy to find on shelf, Valueline is your competitive entry level Wall mount solution.

Fast mover focused and easy to understand

To create a clear and easy to understand wall mount concept, Valueline based the TV wall mount fast-mover assortment on two main specifications.

Size range

10/26" / 25-66cm

26/42" / 66-107cm

42/65" / 107-165cm




Basic self select packaging

The basic self-select retail packaging is designed to stimulate self selection. With colour coding on functionality and only three size ranges Valueline creates a clear and easy to understand packaging concept. Combining the variables Valueline created a reference code system to make self- selection child’s play.

  • Large product picture
  • Large screen size indictation
  • Colour coding on functionality
  • Reference codes for easy self selection
  • Icons with short feature description


A complete retail solution for every kind of shop

Keep it simple, does not mean that Valueline does not care about in-store presentation. Valueline offers a retail wall mount solution for every kind of shop. With only nine brackets you are already able to cover 95% of the market demand. Valueline retail concepts are equiped with a clear selection overview and demonstration board.

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