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Do you want to sell your products under your own store’s brand name and distinguish yourself from the competition? It is possible with private labelling: your own brand provided by NEDIS. We can take care of all the work for you, so you can increase your margins and save time and money by outsourcing production, labelling and design!

Why choose private labelling with NEDIS?

NEDIS can offer you a full service private labelling concept including sourcing, quality control, design and logistics. Do you want to arrange parts of this process yourself? It is also possible to outsource a part of the process to us.


‘’Sell products as your own and increase profitability and margins by shortening the
  supply chain! ‘’


18.000+ different products
Our assortment includes everything, from lighting to computer accessories and domestic products to connectivity. The possibilities are endless.
Solid network of A-class suppliers
We take care of sourcing, quality checks and factory audits, minimising risk and effort in time and money.
The right products for competitive prices
Our sourcing managers have knowledge of today’s market, they will give you a solid assortment advice.

Quality control

Vigorous lab testing
All the necessary product certifications and material safety data sheets are always and at any time at your disposal.
Pre-shipment inspections
Our team of experts do pre-shipment inspections based on risk assessment and statistical methods (AQL Level ll) to ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards.
Compliance restrictions
We make sure the products you sell to your customers meet the strictest European and national requirements.

Product design & POS materials

Endless possibilities in product design
It is possible to sell one of our own brand labels under your own private label. Or we can design a new product that meets your specific wishes and requirements.
Packaging and manual design
You can determine your own corporate identity and look & feel to distinguish yourself from the competition.
Support in POS materials
Our experienced design team will make sure you present your product in the best way possible.


Logistic partner

Managing the entire supply chain
We manage your entire supply chain from beginning to end. We organize delivery from stock in Europe, to delivery FOB directly from China.
Stock control
NEDIS takes care of your stock control. Keeping your products in our own stock, sending the right amount whenever needed, so you minimise costs.



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