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Coax Cable 90dB | IEC (Coax) Male - IEC (Coax) Female | 10 m | White

  • Article code: CSGP40000WT100
  • Vendor Part Number: CSGP40000WT100
  • EAN number: 5412810281886

This coaxial cable is suitable for connecting a coax wall socket to your TV or similar device.


Combi Floor Brush Vario | 30-40 mm

  • Article code: VCBR110CFVAR
  • Vendor Part Number: VCBR110CFVAR
  • EAN number: 5412810286102

This vario 30 – 40 mm combi floor brush can be used on every surface and is suitable for all domestic vacuum cleaners.


Mouse pad | Black

  • Article code: MPADF100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: MPADF100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810286935

The Nedis®universal mouse pad is usable for ball, optical and laser mice.


Mouse pad | Gel | Black

  • Article code: MPADFG100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: MPADFG100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810286959

The innovative form of this mouse pad simulates the natural position of the wrist. It takes the pressure of the under arm and wrist and helps avoiding RSI. The special coating underneath keeps the mouse pad in its place.


Universal Remote Control | Pre-programmed | Control 10 Devices

  • Article code: TVRC2100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: TVRC2100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810292578

10 in 1 preprogrammed remote control suitable for over 250 brands including most major ones. It is compatible with: TV/CTV/VCR/DBS/SAT/CBL/HiFi/CD/LD/VCD/DVD.

If the batteries are replaced within 20 minutes, the remote does not have to be reprogrammed as it remembers the stored device for max. 20 minutes.


FM Radio | 9 W | Analogue Tuning | Retro design | Brown

  • Article code: RDFM5100BN
  • Vendor Part Number: RDFM5100BN
  • EAN number: 5412810292172

Take this portable table radio along wherever you go and listen to your favourite stations. The vintage-look radio features an AUX input. This allows you to enjoy your own play lists from smartphones, tablets or MP3 players. It also has a dial scan and antenna to tune in to any station fast and easy. Available in various colours to match any interior.


Car Audio Connection Kit | 800 W

  • Article code: CKIT910VA
  • Vendor Part Number: CKIT910VA
  • EAN number: 5412810300143

Install an amplifier in your car with this audio kit and enjoy excellent sound coming from your stereo installation.


Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad Set | Wired Mouse | 1600 DPI | 6 buttons

  • Article code: GMMP100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: GMMP100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810270705

The perfect starter kit for gamers from Nedis® offers a precision gaming mouse and super-smooth, non-slip mouse pad.
A precision six-button gaming mouse offers all the control you need, with an optical resolution of up to 1600 dpi. The beautiful ergonomic design has not sacrificed comfort for durability: there's more than 3 million strokes in this mouse.
Perfectly partnered with this super-smooth mouse pad that allows the mouse to glide over its surface but will always stay in place thanks to its anti-skid other side.
Use this kit to give your gaming life the edge.


Gaming Headset | Over-ear | Microphone | 3.5 mm Connectors

  • Article code: GHST100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: GHST100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810270347

Get interactive with your gaming buddies when you don this super-lightweight Nedis® Stereo Gaming Headset.
The over-ear round earcups offer complete comfort and ensure you benefit from the stereo sound that surrounds you.
The flexible microphone can be positioned wherever you need it and it is sensitive enough to pick up even a whisper.
There are 3.5 mm audio jacks for microphone-in, audio-out ports and a generous 2.2 metre cable for those who like to wander as they play.


Parquet Floor Brush Vario | 30-40 mm

  • Article code: VCBR110HFVAR
  • Vendor Part Number: VCBR110HFVAR
  • EAN number: 5412810286164

This vario 30 – 40 mm parquet floor head easily cleans your parquet floors without leaving scratches or other damages. The floor head is suitable for all domestic vacuum cleaners.


Tablet Folio Case | 10" | Universal | Black

  • Article code: TCVR10100BK
  • Vendor Part Number: TCVR10100BK
  • EAN number: 5412810287291

The Nedis® Tablet Folio Case 10.1’’ protects your tablet from scratches and dirt and besides can be also used as a stand. This Tablet Case has elastic corner straps for attachment and can be established in a way to make watching videos or typing comfortable. The connections remain accessible, so you can use the tablet without removing it from the case.


Wired Microphone | -72 dB +/-3dB Sensitivity | 60 Hz - 14 kHz | 5.0 m

  • Article code: MPWD45GY
  • Vendor Part Number: MPWD45GY
  • EAN number: 5412810283873

Uni-directional dynamic microphone. Perfect sound quality, XLR connector and durable metal body.

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