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The future of smart living is getting closer and closer

The development of devices connected to the internet have cleared the path for a large number of smart solutions. The idea of smart living is to become in control of everything in and around the house by using a smartphone or tablet. Heating, lighting, sound and security are some good examples of smart solutions.
A huge number of consumers are in the possession of a smartphone or tablet and they want to use their device for all kinds of possible solutions. They want to have the ability to turn on the lights while sitting on the couch, use a camera to be able to watch the dog from work or turn on their heating when going home. With an increasing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices this is getting easier every year. Smart living will have a big impact on our lifestyles and give us more control in living a healthy and comfortable life!

Discover König smart home security

Every year the number of break-ins is increasing, but when you secure your home with a smart security system the chance of a break-in decreases with 90%. Nedis offers a complete security solution with smart home security. Through a wide number of different devices our own brand König provides you a smart concept with the focus on security. The König smart home security product range is an affordable and multifunctional solution. A gateway as the centre of the system and a wide range of accessories allow the user to create a smart security solution that is perfect for every situation. With the free app and various push notifications, the smart living system can be checked and controlled from the user’s smartphone or tablet without any effort.

The smart security accessories are a selection of products to secure almost everything within your home. Our assortment contains:
- Door/window and motion sensors for optimal security
- Indoor and outdoor camera for remote viewing and recording
- Indoor and outdoor siren to scare off intruders
- Smoke and water detectors for your own safety
- A smart wall socket to turn on/off lights or other appliances

Development in continuous process

At Nedis we work every day to enlarge our assortment of IoT and smart living products to help our customers and consumers create their own way of smart living. Besides our smart security concept Nedis offers various products for smart health, smart heating and home automation. Become and stay connected with your home and Nedis.

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