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Nedis c.s nor her legal representatives makes no warranties, representations or undertakings about:

  • any of the content of this web-site (including, without limitation, any as to the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of any such content)
  • any content of any other web-site referred to or accessed by hypertext links or otherwise through this web-site

Nedis c.s. or her legal representatives does not endorse or approve the content of any Third Party Site, nor will Nedis c.s. or her legal representatives have any liability in connection with any of them (including, but not limited to, liability arising out of any allegation that the content of any Third Party Site infringes any law or the rights of any person or is obscene, defamatory or scandalous).

Nedis c.s. or her legal representatives does not guarantee that the content is without any virus.

All product specific information is provided to Nedis by the manufacturers who are solely responsible for its content and accuracy. Nedis will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding prices or other information.

By using this website you agree with this disclaimer.


Your privacy is guaranteed.
Nedis c.s. and its legal representatives process your (personal) data for:

  1. the acceptance of your order
  2. the checking of overcrediting
  3. implementation of contracts with you
  4. relationship management
  5. management information, product and service development and determining (general) strategy

(Personal) data can also be used for the tracking of (attempted) illegal and/or criminal behaviour directed against Nedis c.s., its customers and employees, as well as for participation in warning systems that are used for the prevention of fraud and overcrediting.

Nedis c.s. can call upon the help of group companies and collaborative partners for this personal data processing. In addition, on the basis of a previous selection, your (personal) data can be used otherwise to inform you about interesting offers and other products or services from Nedis c.s. and/or group companies and collaborative partners.

You will only be sent information by e-mail or SMS if you have given your consent for this. If you wish to receive no (more) information, you can give notice of this. With regard to information obtained by Nedis c.s., you can:

  • call +31 (0)73 599 3965
  • send an e-mail to export@nedis.com
  • send a letter to:
    Nedis Export
    P.O. Box 70509
    5201 CL ’s-Hertogenbosch
    The Netherlands

By accepting the General Terms of Business of Nedis c.s., you likewise assent to the possibility that:

  1. Nedis c.s. can use/has used your personal data for credit scoring
  2. Nedis c.s. supplies information about your creditworthiness to the authorities that vet credit control

Change of address
Customers are obliged to inform Nedis c.s. of any change of address. If Nedis c.s. has not received any change of address message, you shall be regarded as living at the last address known by Nedis c.s. and you shall remain liable for the articles ordered by you that are delivered to the old address. By placing an order you authorise Nedis c.s. to request your details – if necessary – from the district registrar or other authorities.

Privacy on the internet
For each visit to our web site, your (temporary) IP address and, if possible, the original web site or e-mail are automatically identified. We do not retain and use this data as individual (personal) data, but solely to analyse the navigation, visited pages and items ordered from our web site to be able to improve the awareness, functionality and content of our web site (and e-mails) with it.

To optimise our service, so-called cookies are placed on your computer to a limited extent by our web site. We can thus ensure that, when visiting our site, you do not repeatedly receive or have to input the same information. These details remain on your own computer. The cookies are used to improve the web site and the service that is offered. Statistical data can be passed on to the webmasters of NEDIS c.s. The domain name of the web site server that sets the cookies is www.nedis.nl.

NEDIS places these cookies on our system for a period of 10 years. Of course, you can remove them yourself at any given time by deleting your browse history. What is stored in cookies also depends on your own browser settings. Most browsers can be configured so that cookies are rejected or you are notified if you receive a cookie. You can find instructions for adjusting the settings of the browser under ‘Help’ in the toolbar of most browsers. Web site visitors should be able to use the web site without any problems when they change. However, it is possible that certain services or elements of the site will not work optimally when cookies are denied.

E-mail addresses
We only keep and use e-mail addresses that are given directly to us or it is apparent that they have been provided to us when submitted. We only use an e-mail address for what it is given to us and additionally for other marketing or service purposes if consent is also given to do so. This/these consent(s) can be cancelled at any time via our site or notified to us through it in another manner. Moreover, this possibility shall be offered in every marketing and service e-mail by means of a direct reference to our site. We never supply e-mail addresses to third parties for commercial purposes.

Other information
Furthermore, we retain and use all information that you supply to us of your own free will via our site for marketing and service purposes. If you notify us via our site of your postal address and/or your telephone number, you can hence receive regular selective mailings and catalogues from us and/or we can contact you by telephone with information about our products and services. If you do not wish to receive such information (by post and/or telephone), you can contact us for that purpose. We have partners and special relationships with third parties on the internet, but do not supply them with your personal data, nor do we receive the information which you provide to these third parties (unless specified otherwise and/or it is necessary).

Secure server
If you wish to respond to our privacy policy or if you think that our site or our action is not in keeping with it, we likewise ask you to get in contact with us. If we receive or transmit certain critical information, such as financial information for example, we use a secure server with its own access code. You shall be informed of this by a window that is displayed on our site (pop-up). We have introduced the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, improper use or the changing of information that we receive on our site.

Only with your consent
If we want to use your information for purposes for which there are (still) no provisions in this privacy policy, we will notify you of this in advance so that you can withhold your consent for this. We allow our customers access to all the information we retain on them upon request. We likewise offer visitors the possibility of correcting any incorrect information. You can contact us for this purpose. The General Terms of Business of Nedis c.s., including this privacy policy, are applicable to each site visit, transaction or contract through our site. This is made known prior to the conclusion of every contract by means of a reference to the relevant wording.

NEDIS uses cookies and tracking technologies on our websites and mobile apps to enable us to analyse use of our online services, to improve and personalise your experience of our services and to serve advertising which, on some services, may be tailored to you based on your browsing behaviour and other data held about you.

NEDIS respects your right to privacy and we aim to be transparent at all times about when, how and why data about you and your browsing behaviours may be used in connection with our services. We are committed to using cookies and tracking technologies fairly and in accordance with the legal data protection provisions, in particular the Telemedia Act and the Federal Data Protection Act. This policy describes:

  • What cookies and online tracking technologies are
  • How we use cookies
  • Analytics on our services
  • Advertising on our services
  • Your choices (managing cookies and opting out)
  • How to contact us



A cookie is a small text file that is sent by a website to your computer or mobile device where it is stored by your web browser. A cookie contains limited non-personal data, usually a unique identifier and the name of the site. This enables a website to recognise you as you move around the site and/or each time you revisit. Cookies are used for a wide variety of purposes such as to keep you logged in or to remember what's in your basket if you're shopping online, to remember your preferences and settings, to analyse how the site is used by you, and to serve advertising to you.
Cookies may be served to you by the website you are visiting (a "first party cookie") or by another organisation providing services to that website, such as an analytics company or advertising network (a "third party cookie"). They will either be stored for the duration of your visit (a "session cookie") or they will remain on your device for a fixed period, which could be months or even years, to remember you across multiple browsing sessions (a "persistent cookie").


Web pages, emails and mobile apps may contain a small transparent image file or line of code to record how you interact with them. They are often used in conjunction with web browser cookies (or the unique identifier of your mobile device) and they are used to help website and app publishers to better analyse and improve their services and to target advertising based on your browsing behaviour and interests. For example by knowing which web pages you visit or which elements of a page you viewed, when and for how long, whether you viewed and/or clicked on an advert on the site or whether you opened or clicked on marketing emails sent to you.


When you use our Mobile Apps we may record unique identifiers associated with your device (such as the device ID, IP address, MAC address or IMEI number), your activity within the App and your network location. This information may be used to analyse and improve our services and, for Apps supported by advertising, to serve advertising to you.
For more information about information we collect from your use of our Apps, please see our Mobile Apps Privacy Policy.


We use cookies and tracking technologies for a variety of reasons such as to enable us to recognise when you have logged in, to improve your experience of the services and to deliver advertising. In particular, we use these technologies for:
  • Strictly Necessary Purposes: to keep you logged in, to facilitate a purchase, to improve the security of our services and for system administration, such as preventing fraudulent or disruptive activity;
  • Functionality Purposes: to remember your preferences and settings and other functionality you have requested such as remembering your username and password so that you do not need to login each time you visit;
  • Analytics and Performance -Related Purposes: to record what you like and don't like on the website and the popularity of various elements of the website so that we can ensure that it works properly at points of high usage. We also use analytics companies to gather information regarding users of our services on our behalf using cookies, log file data and code which is embedded on our website.
  • Advertising Purposes : some of our websites contain advertising. Cookies and tracking technologies may sometimes be used to deliver advertising and marketing messages relevant to you - a common practice across the internet and known as online behavioural advertising.

On our websites we use Google Analytics, and Webtrekk to collect statistical information about how our websites are used. They use information such as your IP address, browser type and unique identifiers stored in (first party) cookies on your device to record how you interact with our website. On some services we also use Google Demographics and Interests data gathered via the Google DoubleClick cookie. We only use this data in aggregate form and we do not merge it with any other data we hold, however it is important to note that these reports are derived from Google's (third party) DoubleClick and Webtrekk’s cookie and device identifiers, which are also used for advertising.
These analytical services help us to know how many users we have, which parts of our sites are most popular, what browsers are used (so we can maximise compatibility), the country or region where our users are located, and the demographics and interests of our users. This enables us to better understand who is using our site and to ensure we are reaching our target demographic, and to improve and tailor our services accordingly.

To find out more about the analytics services used on our websites please visit: support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 and/or https://www.webtrekk.com/en/legal/opt-out-webtrekk/


Some of our services carry targeted or behavioural advertising, as well as non-targeted advertising, which helps us to optimise the delivery of these services to you. Please note we do not use external advertisement agencies apart from Google. We may also use cookies and your IP address to discover general information about which pages on our sites you visit and the country, city or region in which you are located. We sometimes combine this with information provided to us by third parties, together this information enables you to be grouped with other people with similar interests and places you in a market segment, such as "health", "lighting", etc. We may then display advertisements which we believe people in your market segment will find relevant. We believe this makes the advertising more interesting and useful to you, and also helps us increase the value we get out of the site from our advertisers, and therefore ultimately gives us a greater ability to invest in great content for the benefit of all users.
It is important to note that at no time do we or our service providers attempt to identify you individually nor do we create a profile of you for the purposes of delivering advertising. We are committed to following best practice in our use of online behavioural targeting technology and we at all times seek to comply with applicable regulatory frameworks and guidelines.


To find out more about the analytics services used on our websites please visit: support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245 and/or https://www.webtrekk.com/en/legal/opt-out-webtrekk/ OPT OUT: Click here to opt out.


Web browser cookies: You can choose how web browser cookies are handled by your device via your browser settings including to refuse or delete all cookies. If you choose not to receive cookies at any time, the website may not function properly and certain services will not be provided. Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.


DNT is a feature offered by some browsers which, when enabled, sends a signal to websites to request that your browsing is not tracked, such as by third party ad networks, social networks and analytic companies. This website does not currently respond to DNT requests, however, you may opt-out of tracking for analytics and advertising purposes using the links provided above. A uniform standard has not yet been adopted to determine how DNT requests should be interpreted and what actions should be taken by websites and third parties. We will continue to review DNT and other new technologies and may adopt a DNT standard once available.


If you have any questions or concerns about NEDIS' use of cookies and other tracking technologies, or if you believe there has been a breach of this policy, please e-mail us at: ecommerce@nedis.com

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